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Too much sun rays are harmful to human skin. Melanin, the pigment found in the human body, acts as a protection against damaging suns. But strong, strong sun rays are not enough for the task of protecting the skin. UVB rays can cause skin burns and cancer by affecting the DNA of the skin.
UVA rays cause skin sunburn, skin wrinkling, skin sagging and premature aging, and as a result, skin. If unprotected under the sun for a long time, this sunburn breakage, skin spots, eye slips, skin thickening and such diseases cause skin cancer.
Skin cancer rate is increasing day by day with its global temperature. For example, in the UK, 70,000 skin cases are reported each year. Australia ranks first among countries with the highest rate of skin cancer.
Sunlight (UVR) consists of three types of rays. These are UVA, UVB, UVC.
UVA (Wavelength 315-400NM) gives skin aging effect.
UVB (Wavelength 280-315NM) causes sunburn and skin cancer.
UVC (Wavelength 200-280NM) is the most dangerous and even leads to deaths.